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Welcome. We, at SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London, are delivering high-quality services and are spreading our professionalism in every area of London.

But the masterpiece among the wide variety of services we offer is our end of tenancy cleaning. Every time you are about to move out and leave the rented property, you are forced to perform a clean-up and to go through an inspection. The truth is that not a simple cleaning is expected, but a deep and specialized one and its main goal is to return the entire accommodation in the wonderful condition you found it, when you first came here. And this end of tenancy cleaning is indeed beyond the strengths of an unprofessional.

So if you dream of moving out as soon as possible, if you crave for an easy everydayness with no problems and you want the money from the security deposit back in your pocket, you better rely on our expertness and the professional service we offer.

Right after you have arranged an appointment, a team of skilful experts will arrive at your door, fully-equipped and absolutely well-prepared to make your house a real paradise. The cleaning will include everything – the bedrooms and the bathrooms, the hall-ways, the living room and the kitchen. The only thing, which you shall discuss in advance, is the time-consuming and challenging oven cleaning. However, only a couple of hours later, your house will be truly transformed and ready for the landlord’s or letting agency’s inspection.

Why to choose SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Complete Peace of mind

We are also fully insured and we will take responsibility for any damage caused by our staff. Our cleaners are carefully selected and we make sure that they have comprehensive disclosure forms and that they are professional in order to deliver the best services every time.

Saves Your Time

When you live in London, you have to plan your time to the very last second in order to fit all your daily tasks in the 24 hours you get per day. We understand how valuable time is and we are never late! Our cleaners are like Swiss clocks and they always arrive and leave on time without causing you any inconvenience.

The Highest Rated London Cleaners

Our cleaners are highly professional and qualified. They know the ins and outs of this business and always deliver excellent results. Every cleaner that comes to your home will have a proper uniform and a name badge so you can easily address them by name. At the end of every clean, we can spare a few moments for any questions you may have for us. We are happy to give you free quotes and advice.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We show our commitment to our customers by offering them our guarantee. We are always happy to receive feedback so we can better our services. By hiring us, you will save a lot of time and respectively money because we work efficiently, quickly and deliver great results.

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What you will get with your End of Tenancy Cleaning?

One of the rooms in a house that sees the most traffic is the kitchen. Even if you clean and scrub every time you cook, there will be some dirt left over. Grease quickly sticks to appliances, walls and the floor and only deep, thorough cleaning can get rid of it. Our cleaning materials have the power to deep clean any dirt or stains left on your tiles, floors and appliances without being harmful to you, your children and pets. Our disinfectants will remove 99.99% of all germs from you countertops and kitchen sink.

We will thoroughly clean your oven so it looks like brand new again.

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Another room in the house that is used the most is the bathroom. The bathroom requires a lot of cleaning on regular bases because a lot of bacteria can be found where water is used a lot. To ensure that your environment is germ-free, we will clean and disinfect the bath tub, the toilet bowl, the shower and the sink. The floor will also undergo a deep clean and polish.

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The bedrooms have to be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust, which can cause various allergies amongst children and adults. Our cleaning service will clean your walls, windows, carpets or hard floors thus removing all dust particles for a good and safe environment.

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The living room is the place where the whole family gathers to dine, play, watch TV and chat. Often cleaning is highly recommended to prevent the buildup of dirt. We will clean your carpets so they appear new and smell fresh, we will polish your furniture and will scrub all hard floors. We will also clean your windows and curtains.

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Last but certainly not least comes the cleaning of the entrance and the hallways. We strongly believe that these are the two areas that require a great deal of attention because if they are not clean then the rest of the house will not stay clean for long. We will remove any dirt marks, shoe marks that we may find on the floors and the walls. Our cleaning materials tackle dirt brilliantly and don’t damage any wall or floor surfaces.

THE SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning SIMPLEST WAY

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We are delivering fast and qualified cleaning services all over London. Get in touch with us, by using our phone number: 020 3633 3047. We will be there for you, as quick as we can!

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We offer full-house cleaning services, that include: kitchen cleaning, bedroom cleaning, living room cleaning, hallways cleaning and etc.

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Our high qualified team is trained to do all that must be done, so your home feels like new again. Sit and relax and we will do the hard job for you!