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Exquisite Landscaping

54 St James St
L1 0AB Liverpool
gps data: 53.396773,2.9798453

phone: + 44 01516620046
website: exquisitelandscaping.co.uk
mail: officeexquisitelandscaping.co.uk

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Exquisite Landscaping is a company from Liverpool, which offers professional garden, patio and driveways services. They employ a team of experienced workers qualified to build many constructions and take care of every backyard they are faced with. Each cooperation starts by meeting with a client and learning more about their ideas and needs, then comes the on-site analysis, which is then followed by the designing stage, where the specialist is drafting a comprehensible project. After client agrees to the design, the team can start working on bringing their vision to life.

Patio and driveways - Liverpool

The company's patio and driveways services in Liverpool area include both designing and constructing them for their clients. Depending on the scope of the works, the process can take up to a couple of weeks, especially when the team has to also demolish the existing structures. Exquisite Landscaping listens to their clients, to ensure their complete satisfaction with the finished project. The interested party has an impact on the materials (concrete, resin mixtures, stones) as well as the technologies implemented - real or artificial grass, specific drainage systems and so on.

Offer : www.exquisitelandscaping.co.uk

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