London Soundproofing Company

London Sound Solutions Ltd

158 Uxbridge Road
W13 8SB London
gps data: 51.511061,-0.319113

phone: + 44 2082075121

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Company's specialisation

London Sound Solutions Ltd is a company that delivers quality services to people of Great Britain. They specialise in creating soundproof spaces and arranging recording studios for private clients and investors alike. Many years of practising this particular line of business and the adequate certificates turned this team into professionals. No matter if the potential customer wants to focus only on soundproofing floors or ceilings, or muffle their entire place, the company will be able to provide them with the service they request.

Recording Studio Builders

One of their services, soundproofing floors, helps in muffling one of the most annoying sounds in the world – feet stomping. Soundproofing floors will give the neighbours the needed break from the noise, but it can also be used to make the house much more quite overall, while still letting the other residents do whatever they want to do without judging or getting angry or annoyed with their antics. London Sound Solutions Ltd will make sure only the best materials are used for this purpose and your place has the noise level reduced significantly.

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