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ModernPavilion UK

Barker St, Newcastle-under-Lyme
ST5 7HT Newcastle
gps data: 53.034882,-2.245154

phone: + 44 1782561110
website: modernpavilion.co.uk
mail: infomodernpavillion.co.uk

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KC Cabins Solutions Ltd is a company delivering inspiring and incredibly modern solutions to a variety of businesses. These modular manufacturing buildings are used mostly for housing construction site workers or when offices need a temporary place to operate from. However, nowadays, there has been a noticeable increase in adapting them to a number of service businesses and gastronomy points. People who want to reach the younger audience will definitely have to look into portable pavilions and their popularity among today's youth.

Modular manufacturing buildings

Modular manufacturing buildings are created from prefabricated parts, delivered to the company's magazines and put together by the employees to look like the project drafted in the beginning. Depending on the size of the commission, they can either already be arranged and transported as a complete cabin via a truck or delivered in parts to the final destination and then assembled by the professional team. KC Cabins Solutions makes sure each building is tailored to the customer's wishes and suggestions and will serve him proudly.

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