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Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd

48 Cotswold Road
SS0 8AB Essex
gps data: 51.543188,0.689767

phone: + 44 1702343228

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Company's specialisation

Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd is a company that takes care of variety of shipping of goods from the UK to Poland and other European countries. Their specialisation is transporting palletised cargo via trucks between chosen cities on the continent. The company owns an impressive fleet of trucks with a full-load of up to 24T. Their vehicles are not only reliable and technologically advanced, but also operated by a team of experienced and talented drivers, taking care of delivering the requested goods on time.

Shipping from the UK to Poland

One of the most popular services that the company offers is shipping from the UK to Poland and the other way. There is a large number of businesses and corporations that operate on these two markets, which is why it is so important to work with a trusted transportation company. These specialists do anything in their power to deliver goods to their chosen destination on time. Depending on the size of the cargo, the company offers a couple of shipping options - part loads, full loads, express van deliveries and many more.

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