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MPack Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Sobiekursk 26a
05-480 Karczew
gps data: 52.022904,21.281619

phone: + 48 22 780 05 00

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Company's specialisation

MPack Poland is a renowned manufacturer of tubes used for packing various pharmaceutical, beauty, food products and not only. They always take care of every single detail, hence their clients are always fully satisfied with the obtained final results. What is more, they are open to their business partners' suggestions and work flexibly in order to adapt to their individual needs and preferences. MPack Poland has an advanced machine park, which allows them to provide you with the most modern services.

PCR tubes

In the wide offer prepared my this company, you can find, for example PCR tubes. These products are made from recycled plastics of household waste. They are very environment-friendly, as they can be re-used again. You can order tubes which can be produced from such material in 100% or choose a variant having, for example, 20%. It is worth knowing that they have the same characteristics as ordinary PE models, so they do not need any special techniques of filling and sealing. Thanks to such packaging, you will be able to reach clients who care about the environment.

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