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Special Replicas is an online shop with a distinct collection of replica weapons, armours, instruments and other equipment. The products available are based on firearms, swords, bows and shields used throughout the centuries by armies of many different countries and tribes. They have been manufactured by craftsmen praised for their professionalism and attention to details, using durable materials. The online shop sells also products which are going to be helpful in displaying the beautifully made samurai and Roman swords, famous revolvers or plate armours.

Sturdy Roman sword

Roman sword is one of the most popular weapons thanks to its distribution throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Known also a Gladius, it has a double-edged steel blade and a wooden, ivory or bronze hilt. It was mainly used by foot soldiers during various conflicts on the edges of and within the Empire. People who want to get a replica of this unique weapon can buy it on SpecialReplicas.com. The online shop has a large assortment of Roman swords, both with a sheath and without it, which can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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