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Lokietka 8/9
66-400 Gorzow Wlkp.
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phone: + 48 665 025 666

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Max Murals is an online shop offering impressive customised interior decorations, such as wall murals or canvas photos. You can choose any picture from their huge database or send your own image. What is more, you can specify a particular size, so that the decoration would fit a particular wall perfectly. The photos can be colourful, as well as in black and white or sepia filter. The shop offers fast shipping and you will be able to enjoy your purchase as shortly as after just 5-8 working days.

Photo wallpaper for home

A photo wallpaper for home is a modern, unique product that will allow you to express yourself. You can have a picture that will be associated with your hobby, such as sports, dance, fishing or cooking. Moreover, there are, for example, numerous images that will be perfect for a children's room, showing cute animals, fairies, pirates, mermaids, dinosaurs and more. Apart from the size and the photo, you can choose the material that a wallpaper is supposed to be printed on. It can be a polyester fabric, vinyl or latex.

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