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Company's specialisation is an online shop with a wide assortment of replica weapons and armour, as well as clothing and additional accessories. The company works only with the best manufacturers to be able to provide its customers with highly-realistic imitations, which look both beautifully put on a display, as well as carried around as a prop. Many cosplayers and collectors buy the weapons offered by, because they look stunning and resemble the original firearm to an impressive extend.

M1 Garand replica rifle

M1 Garand replica rifle was a semi-automatic rifle produced in the United States and used by soldiers during World War II, Korean War or Syrian Civil War. The weapon was able to shoot eight rounds without reloading, each round shot after pulling the trigger once. The characteristic "ping" sound of the empty clip being automatically ejected is one of the most recognisable features of M1 Garand rifle. The replica offered by has the same measurements and weight as the original weapon, it is excruciatingly detailed and also able to give an empty-dry shot.

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