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YOKO Wool Products Ltd

6 Crag Crescent
Clondalkin Dublin
gps data: 53.332387,-6.386051

phone: + 353 870 930 663
website: yokowool.com
mail: infoyokowool.com

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Visit Yokowool.com if you are a fan of woollen clothes and accessories. The company is an official distributor of many popular brands, therefore you can be sure the products that they sell are made of the highest quality natural wool. This very specific material has been used by people for hundreds of years to protect the vulnerable human body from the cold. Its thermal insulation characteristics are well known and extremely popular during winter months, but also used as a protection from wetness and heat.

Sheep By The Sea slippers

Among the products available at YOKO Wool, you can find Sheep By The Sea slippers, which keep gaining popularity in the United Kingdom and other countries. When the cold mornings and evenings of late autumn and winter come, there is no greater joy than a pair of them keeping your feet warm and cosy. Definitely choose their Sheep By The Sea slippers, if you appreciate comfort and warmth and solutions used by your ancestors. Their collection collection can be sold to individual clients, as well as business partners.

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