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Companies in the United kingdom often use the help of Best Promotional when it comes to producing quality gadget for marketing campaigns. Their products are priced for their quality and aesthetic appearance, but also for the longevity. They specialise in resin stickers - simple gadgets used to brand white goods and electronics or given out to customers during various industry events. The clients can customise each order to great degree - including the design, shape and size of the decals, while remembering that the minimum amount is a hundred pieces.

Epoxy resin stickers

What characterises resin stickers is the layer of epoxy they are coated with. It prevents them from being destroyed too easily and protects them from wetness. Thanks to that fact they can be used both outside and inside, which greatly improves the company's reach. They help greatly in building the visual identification of the brand and piquing the interest of potential clients. The production cost of resin stickers is quite low, therefore many firms choose this particular promotional strategy to reach new customers.

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