Replicas of historic weapons and armours

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Company's specialisation offers products which can become truly original and unforgettable gifts for history and weaponry fans. These highly detailed items are going to look impressive on display in private houses and other places. Customers can find huge Templar and Scottish medieval swords, but also Roman gladiuses or Japanese katana. For the fans of the more recent history, the company prepared a variety of firearms used in WWI and II battles, as well as military bayonets and other knives or ceremonial blades.

Military bayonets

Military bayonets are a weapon equipment attached to a muzzle of a chosen firearm and used in a direct combat. They have been introduced to offer some kind of a defence tactic for soldiers operating rifles and other barrelled ranged weapons. Depending on the type of firearm they are attached to, they can come in many different shapes and sizes. offers a wide selection of realistic replicas of military bayonets from many periods of history - Civil War, World War I and II and many other.

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